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Importing Files to CrossCheck

You will be importing your Calendar, Student, Assessment and Staff/Course files to CrossCheck that you will generate from the Data Collector. Follow these steps to generate the files:

  1. Log into the Data Collector
  2. Locate the collection you want to generate a file for
  3. Click on the View submission link in the Prepare Outputs section
  4. Leave the Review Types checked – Detail, Enrollment, MissData and Summary
  5. Under Output Options check the Zip File box to download file as a compressed .zip file
  6. File Format should be toggled for CSV
  7. Include in CSV files should be toggled for Data Only
  8. Click on the link Generate Review Data
  9. Click on the file that has been generated and save it to your download folder.
  10. Repeat the steps to generate zip files for Calendar, Student (SOES for Community Schools), Staff and Course Collection, Assessment Collections (End of Course State Assessment and Spring State Assessment Grades 3-8 Collection).
  11. Note: if this is your district’s first file load, please generate Student and Staff/Course Collections for the previous fiscal year. These “Last Year” files are needed for some checks to work properly.
  12. From this page, click on the Browse button and find the downloaded zip files.
  13. Once the zip file is selected, click on Import.
  14. Repeat to import all the zip files generated from the Data Collector

Select file to upload:
Import History
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